Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hiking with the Family!

Yesterday was a gorgeous, spring-like day! The sky was clear, and beautifully bright blue,
and the temperature hit right around 65 degrees! 
So, what are us soggy Pacific NW folks to do on such an unusual mid-winter day?
Take time off work and school, and go hiking, of course!
So glad that Valerie had her camera along too!
I'm so grateful for her help in capturing this fun and lovely day!
(Especially near the end when my camera battery died!)
We chose a trail that is not far from home . . . only about a 40 minute drive or so! 
Once we got to the turn-off on the gravel road to the trail, the latter part of the road had been washed out by the winter rains.  So we had to park a ways from the start of the trail and walk that latter part of the road.
 As you will see in the photos,
there was lots of teamwork going on to get us all safely to the end of the trail!

 "Here come the dogs!  Strong and brave!"

 Big and little . . .

 There were several little waterfalls that we had to cross along the trail.  For this bigger one, Kyle and Victoria worked to bring this log up to lay across the trail.

And another one . . . .

And then . . . .
we came across THIS waterfall! 
(All the pictures from here on out are Valerie's!)

And now, for the hike back!


Kate said...

Looks like fun! Those are some gorgeous waterfalls; and I love the "teamwork pictures", especially the last one. ;)

Meemom said...

Beautiful pictures. Guess I would have to stop and wait your return when it came to crossing the waterfall on the log!!! So nice you had a beautiful day for this hike..

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