Monday, February 15, 2016

Brielle's 3rd Birthday!!!

Can't believe it, but it's true!
Brielle is now three!
We were very blessed to have Rich, Janet, Grampa Jerke, and Richie and Lydia celebrate with us!
Thanks so much to Lydia for helping take some pictures! 
This is one of hers! : -)
 We started the party with a warm breakfast of an egg, sausage, bacon, cheese, potato scramble;
heart shaped biscuits with strawberry jam;
Caroline's delicious raspberry Danish;
and a fruit salad!

The next three pictures are Lydia's! 
So thankful for these! 
Love this one especially! : -)
AWWWWWW . . . . 
  Timmy bought these three helium balloons for Brielle! : -)
Then, the great present opening!  
This is one of Lydia's pictures! : -)
(The "scrunchy face" is Brielle's "Smile!" right now!

Kyle had ben asking and asking Brielle what she wanted for her birthday,
and she said a doggy!  So he got her a doggy of her very own! :-)
Joe-Joe bought her favorite snack for her . . . Cheetos!
  Rich and Janet also remembered Cheetos are her favorite snack and put a couple bags in this amazing treasure box that Janet specially made for her!

Each of her sisters picked out and gave her a pretty outfit or two! :-)  
We are all having way too much with having a little girl to buy for again! : -)
Papa Bob and Meemom sent some birthday money,
and so we had fun shopping for these pretty things too!
I think she's set for the summertime!
Richie and Lydia gave her this adorable bunny hat, and an adorable pajamas set. 
Aww . . . it has her favorite thing on it . . . a doggy!
Victoria gave her these two horses . . .Bree and Bubba! : -)
Grampa Jerke gave her the sweet little bear in the photo.
No, a real puppy wasn't given to her as a present! ;-)
It is just her favorite thing to do . . .hold the puppies! 

Timmy also gave her this new cowgirl hat.
She asked Victoria if she could go and ride Bree right then and there.
But since it was still in the middle of the party,
this little horsie sufficed for the moment.
(This little horsie was given to Lydia at her one-year-old party! :-)

Playing with these really cool coloring tablets that Papa and Grammie got for her.
The "markers" have water in them,
and when brushed over the paper,
it turns into a colorful "watercolor" painting! : -)

Thanks also to the thoughtful friends and family
that sent sweet cards and gifts in the mail during the week!
That was soooo sweet of you!!! 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Four sweet sisters visiting  . . . 
Then, on Brielle's actual birthday . . . .
we woke up to a wonderful exchange of gifts and cards and another wonderful breakfast.
And after church, we sang Happy Birthday to Brielle,
and enjoyed her yummy chocolate cake!



Kate said...

Aw! Happy Birthday to a very sweet little girl!! ;)

Eden said...

Happy Birthday Brielle! :)

Teresa B said...

What a cutie! Happy bday Brielle! Mrs. B

Meemom said...

Happy Birthday to the best dressed little girl in town!! Love you, Meemom & Papa Bob

Michael Berkompas said...

Love the "Scrunchy face"!! :) Brendan is doing the same sort of thing right now and it's hilarious!

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