Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Last Supper for Two. . .

. . . two of the quadruplets, that is  . . . for a little while!
The Applebees gift cards from Papa Bob and Meemom
were a very welcome treat for their last hardy meal,
just before Valerie and Caroline have their wisdom teeth surgically removed today.
(If you see this today, tomorrow, or in the next few days,
please pray for an easy removal and recovery!  Thanks so much!)
 Victoria and Kyle were happy to go along and join Valerie and Caroline in their last supper.
Just one of the many advantages to being a quadruplet! : -)
(The outing was actually part of their belated annual quadruplet birthday celebration!) 


Kate said...

Eek! I'll be praying.

Emma said...

Oh, I'm praying!!! For the Lord's guiding hand to be on the doctor! And for a safe, speedy recovery!!! :0)

Ted and Karen said...

Three beautiful young ladies and a very handsome young man. Great to know that Kyle will always be there for his womb-mates. Am definitely praying for an uncomplicated surgery and a quick/pain free recovery for Valerie and Caroline

Ted and Karen said...

Love you all so very much, Grammie and Papa

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