Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Birthdays!

We've had an old birthday and a new birthday this week!!!!
(Not meaning that the one having a birthday is OLD!  It's just that it is not a NEW birthday . . .  
as in a birth that just happened! ;-)
Blueberry scones for breakfast,
and barbeque ribs, twice baked potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake with ice-cream for dessert!
Unfortunately, a few of the birthday partiers are still currently quite sick,
so some came rolling out of their beds and in their PJ'S!  
And we teased Daddy about singing "Happy Birthday" to him in infirmary-eese  . . .
"Happy Birthday . . .cough, cough, to you . . .sneeze, sneeze . .
Happy birthday . . .sniffle, sniffle, blow the nose . . ."
We thank God for the super special blessing
you are to all of us, Daddy!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Then, along came a very wonderful surprise and blessing for Victoria and Caroline this week!
TRIPLET DOES were born!!!

 One was brought in the house for bottle-feeding,
and is now on its way to a foster family until she is ready for her permanent home.
So this has meant a couple days of round-the-clock feedings!
 Brielle has sure enjoyed having the goat inside!
Thank you, Lord, for this healthy pregnancy, delivery
and triple blessing!
We are so excited and grateful!!!


Eden said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bowes!

I'm sorry you guys were sick, no fun! :(

Congrats on the baby goats, they're super cute! :) :)

Emma said...

Oh, so sweet! The baby goats are adorable.
So sorry to hear that y'all were sick! But I love, love, love the song in "infirmary-ease"! that's just too funny! And a special memory for your family.

AZDonna said...

Happy birthday, Ted!

With such a large family as yours, it's probably inevitable that a few are going to be sick every winter. Hope you all are on the mend soon!

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