Saturday, January 24, 2015

Around the House This Week

Victoria had a little photo shoot with Benny and the goats! ;-)

 Here he is having a talkin' to with "Fudgy Face"  (What he was calling her. ;-)
 This morning, our church's parsonage was scheduled to be set ablaze. 
The church donated it to the local fire dept. for their routine training sessions.
But, just before it was time to start the fire, they got called out on a "real" fire call!
But Benny was prepared!  
 We've had some nice weather here and there,
so the girls take the opportunity to ride their horses when they can!

 Lydia came over to work on some soap making, so we brought the bunnies inside for her to see!
They're lookin' good!
 Kyle has been keeping quite busy every day with various work opportunities,
but he did take time to send this little "care package" to his
Green-Bay-Packer-fan Uncle and Aunt in AZ! ;-)  

 Since the little package is still in route,
I suppose we shouldn't reveal what was wrapped up in the newspaper. ;-)
 Daddy has been working lots of long, extra hours,
with it being year-end-audit-season at work.  
This night, the boys decided they were going to stay up
and wait for him, so they could have a "slumber party."
I happened to wake up at around 1am, to find Ted still working, and the boys like this . . .

 One day this week, Ted found these balloons in his office.
Joe said he put them there to "encourage" Daddy! ;-)
Valerie has been keeping real busy with helping several families in need with some child-care.
She loves it, and is a real blessing to the families!
Caroline is back to her piano lessons after the holidays and sickness,
and practicing extra hours this semester!
Sure is a blessing hearing her beautiful music every day!
We've been hitting the school books hard now,
and also keeping our eyes and ears out for opportunities to serve folks in various ways!


Meemom said...

Glad to see the sun does shine on certain days. The pictures are very cute, especially of Benjamin and the goats.
Too bad Ted has to put in such long hours. Hopefully that part will be over soon. Love you all, Meemom

Eden said...

Glad you guys are doing well, we haven't seen you all in quite awhile, missed you at the dance! :) :)

Kate said...

Aw, I love the pictures of Benny, especially in his turnouts! :)

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