Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thanking God for Valerie!

Fourth child, third daughter, second quadruplet to celebrate her 18th birthday! 
We love you and are so proud of you, Valerie!
That's Luna on the left and Annie on the right!
What's sweeter . . .
adorable baby sister or the Monkey Bread for breakfast?

Newly found favorite for lunch . . .
broccoli salad!

Another new favorite for dinner . . .
BBQ chicken pizza!
Peach cobbler for dessert!
(Even better after the ice-cream was added! ;-)


Elanee said...

Happy Birthday Valerie!
May God bless you today and always!
Lots of love,
Psalm 27

Eden said...

Happy Birthday Valerie! It has been so fun and such a blessing getting to know you! :) Hope you have an awesome day!
Btw... what is monkey bread? :P

Valerie Bowes said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, Elanee! I am so thankful for you!! You have been such a wonderful, encouraging, sweet, Godly friend!
With gratefulness and love,

Valerie Bowes said...

Thanks, Eden! It has been great getting to know you and your family too.
Monkey bread is a super yummy breakfast food that is somewhat similar to cinnamon rolls. But, instead of actual rolls, it is little pieces of dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar with a delicious sauce drizzled over the top. So as you can tell it isn't the healthiest of foods :0), but we enjoy it as a treat every once in a while. :)

AZDonna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AZDonna said...

Happy birthday, sweet beautiful Valerie! You have my idea of the perfect celebration dessert. Pie over cake any day!! Enjoy. xoxox

Meemom said...

Beautilful inside and out as all those who know you can certainly attest. Happy Birthday, Love, Meemom & Papa Bob

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