Saturday, October 11, 2014

Christian Heritage Fall Conference in Ocean Shores

We have just finished attending a two day "Family Relationships and Parenting" conference in Ocean Shores, WA.  It was a wonderful time of learning and fellowshipping with some really awesome brothers and sisters in the Lord!
Our family descended on this little town Thursday afternoon.
 First off, was checking into our hotel.
The quads were excited about going in on a room for themselves,
instead of camping out in the camper. ;-)
We received a great deal on the rooms with being conference participants.

They are very cute rooms with an ocean view!

And there is sand volleyball net right outside our windows.

The boys enjoyed swimming in their indoor pool. 

After settling in to the hotel,
we were off to go clamming with our good friends from church, the Johnson's. 
Since moving to the Pacific NW 10 years ago,
we've always wanted to go clamming.
But for various reasons, the timing just never worked out.
So we were very excited when we heard that the Johnson's were planning to go out to dig on the same night we were arriving in Ocean Shores for the conference. 
Finally, both the clamming schedule, tide schedule, and our schedule all came together!
(And a special thanks to our other sweet friends, the Petersohn's, for loaning us their clam dig tools.)
It was soooo fun to go clamming with the Johnson's, especially for our very first time ever!
They gave us lots of tips, pointers, and demonstrations of how is the best way to dig for clams. 

Mr. Johnson and his dad are on the left.
Their son, Able, is in the blue jacket showing Timmy and Caroline how to use the clam digger.
This was a actually a posed picture on our way out! : -)

Daddy working hard to get one of his first clams!
Did he get one?

It's very helpful to have some "spotters" looking for the little dimples in the sand which signal where the clams are!
Victoria and Caroline did a great job at this!

It can be hard work pulling them up!

But very satisfying when successful!!!

We got our limit of clams fairly quickly!
But then, when we returned to the hotel,
the processing of the clams took quite a long time!
It was a bit of a late night,
before our early morning registration time for the conference! 
It was really an awesome time of learning and fellowship with friends!
We felt very blessed to be a part of it!

Sweet sisters with sweet friend, Sarah!

Alina and Brielle really bonded.  So precious!
This morning, there was a time scheduled for Ultimate Frisbee on the beach . . .
at 7:00am!!! 
This picture was taken early on, when it was still quite foggy!
The early start and fog didn't seem to deter many!
There were lots and lots of willing players!
I think it ended up being 5-6 different games going simultaneously! 

During break times, a volleyball in a parking lot made for a fun social activity!
Well, that's a pretty quick summary of our time here in Ocean Shores!
It's been a great few days!
Thank you, Lord!


Eden said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Too bad we couldn't make it this year! :)

Kelley said...

Wow it looks like A LOT of fun!!! I would love to try clamming too someday! Hope you enjoyed the conference! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Loved all the pics!!!
Love you all too!

Bethany said...

Thanks for posting pictures! We were really sad to have to miss the conference this year. :( Glad you all had a good time! :)

Aimee Rose said...

It was such a blessing, even though we only went for one day! We missed you Strangs! Ah yes, the volley ball was really fun! It was completely awesome to see you again Bowesii!;)

Meemom said...

Looks like an awesome time. Glad the clam digging was a huge success. Having the right tools looks like the solution. Great pictures!!! Love, Meemom

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