Friday, May 2, 2014

Wow!! Can't Believe It's May Already!!!

April flew right by us with being away from home for two weeks during our Arizona trip! 
Then, on the heels of our return home was the annual Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference!
So, now we've been slowly catching up and resuming our "normal" busy life!  ;-)
We've enjoyed lots of Timmy's baseball games . . .rain or shine!
(Well, sitting in the rain, not so much ;-)
The following picture was taken from the van!
(Timmy is on 2nd base.)

 The next few pictures are of the tournament on Saturday.
His team played three games in a row,
and won all of them!   Woo hoo!
 Running around the bases . . .

 and coming home!

"HI MOM!!!"
While Timmy was playing in his baseball tournament on Saturday,
Kyle, Caroline, Valerie and Victoria enjoyed attending and volunteering 
at the Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference!
Caroline and Valerie were assigned to help with the registration tables.
(Valerie was behind the camera for most of the pictures.)
 Victoria loved being in the Answers in Genesis booth!
It was a great experience!

  When Valerie first saw the young man below dressed in his sport coat and tie,
she was surprised when she realized it was her brother! ;-)
He has only worn a tie on two other occasions, and both of them being for weddings!
He actually learned to tie one this time!
 Unfortunately, the group photo below is a bit blurry!
Thanks so much to the Booy family
for their hard work and labor of love in managing all of the registration needs for the conference.
(The picture below is mostly of the registration crew.)  
We always enjoy visiting Mossyrock's nearby bulb farm this time of year!
Sooooo pretty!
We tried to get a few pictures of Brielle in her Easter dress! 
 This is Dusty . . .
Pure Joy Labradors new stud!
Valerie and Victoria drove all the way to Burlington,WA on Sunday evening to get him!
On another day, we went with Aunt Kelley to DeGoede's!
She was picking out some flowers to plant.
 Visiting the fish in the indoor pond . . .
Their greenhouses are full of colorful hanging baskets!!

  We've had a couple days of warm, sunny days, and the fishing bug got a hold of Joe!
He talked Daddy into going fishing early Thursday morning before family devotions!

 It's been nice to enjoy the last two baseball games in the sunshine!
Richie and Lydia even joined in the fun!

 It was so HOT that Richie even turned his hat to shade his neck and face from the sun!
 Timmy has been given a chance to pitch the last couple of games!
He enjoys that!


 On Tuesday, Timmy and Joe turned in their creations for this weekend's Spring Youth Fair.

 And Victoria and Caroline have been busy getting a bunch of their goats ready to show at the fair.
 Then, they loaded them up, and off they went this morning!
Today, the rest of us are busy outside,
getting some projects done before the rain comes again tomorrow!



Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Love the pictures!!!! Hope to see you all (whole family) again soon!!

Meemom said...

Love all the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing the blog. Love, Meemom

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