Monday, May 12, 2014

Very Special Day!

I always say that every day is Mother's Day,
as I wake up each day lovin' the life God has given me as a mom to many treasures.
It is truly my dream come true!
God has blessed beyond measure,
and I couldn't be more thankful for each day that I get to enjoy being a mom! : -)
There is truly "no greater joy" than to see my children walking with the Lord
and serving Him and others.  
And to know that each of them are happy;
living a joyful, peaceful, hope-filled, abundant life in Christ!  
That is my greatest delight!!
I praise the Lord for the work He is doing in and through them.
To God be the glory!
Our family's normal 1st Sunday worship time was switched this month with another team for various reasons.
With the Lord's help and blessing, they were able to play and sing "Crown Him (Majesty)" by Chris Tomlin.
They also played one of my favorites,
"My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness" by the Getty's.
 What a perfect start to this Mother's Day!

(Notice the future Bowes musician on the steps? ;-)
Every Sunday Kyle sits in the back attending to any computer needs the Pastor may have.

When we got home from church,
I *begged* the family for an updated family photo!
I was even hoping to get Richie and Lydia in there,
but had to concede to snapping this one early in the day before their afternoon arrival,
as everyone wanted to change into their "play" clothes! ; -)
Thanks to Aunt Kelley for taking the photo!!!!

I also really wanted to get a picture of Benjamin and Brielle in their "Easter" clothes,
since Easter came and went so fast, I didn't have a chance to get one!
But boy, is it hard to get these two to sit still for a picture!
And I can't wait for the day when we can show Brielle's cuteness in its entirety!!

I always enjoy taking a family stroll down to Swofford Pond!
And it was such a gorgeous day to do so!
Loved every minute of it!

Our neighbor greeted us with . . .
"I think you need MORE kids!"
We agreed!!! 

Stopping to visit the neighbor's horses.

Daddy trying to keep up! ;-)
(Actually, he stopped to visit with the neighbor, while we kept strolling. )

Such a pretty walk by the "pond."

Skipping stones!

 Resting by the pond.
 Then, at 4:30 we were blessed to have Aunt Kelley, Cassidy, Richie, Lydia, Rich and Janet over for a potluck BBQ!!  We had quite the feast and a very enjoyable visit outside in the beauty of the day!  

I originally hoped for some strawberry shortcake for dessert,
but the store we went to in town on Saturday was out of strawberries!
So we stopped in Mossyrock on the way home from church and got a few strawberries to throw in a rhubarb pie!
  We sure enjoy spending time with Aunt Kelley and Cassidy!
Kelley always makes us laugh!
Here, I think she was recalling the *trauma* of her kick-ball days in grade school! ;-)
Soooo glad they are close by!
 Here, she is taking time to smell the . . . marshmallows! : -)
She's an awesome mom!  (Sister and aunt too!)
I couldn't be a more blessed mom-in-law! 
I REALLY like this guy!!! 
Actually, to know him is to LOVE him! 

After the BBQ a baseball game broke out!

Father to father! : -)

We are soooo blessed having Rich and Janet in our lives,
and to be able to have such fun times together!
We all love them so much!  

What a fun ending to a super great day!!!


Bethany said...

It looks like you all had such a lovely time!!! :)

I wish I could have heard that worship team. ;) We need to get together and jam sometime.

Meemom said...

Sure looks like a fun day. And wow the grass and trees look so green.

Wish we could have joined you. Love, Meemom

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Bethany!
Thanks for the note! It was a lovely day in every way! What did you all do? Wish ya'll were closer so we could get together easier! We were so sorry to miss the last few times you've had concerts!!! The girls say they don't know how to "jam". But, you could show/teach them! ;-) Thanks again!
Love to you all!
Mrs. Bowes

Kelley said...

What a fun time we had with you all!!! Thanks for all the sweet things you posted and all the sweetness you give!

I love you!!!

The Bryants said...

Looks like a wonderful time together!

Thank you for being in touch - we enjoyed hearing from you all and "meeting" you via blogs. Maybe someday we'll meet in person. God bless your family.

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