Monday, February 17, 2014

Very Special Guests and Such a Fun Visit!

We were so happy to have Uncle Steve and Aunt Debbie come for a visit yesterday!
They were here on a quick trip from Phoenix for a few various visits,
and we were so blessed to have them for lunch and an afternoon of catching up and fun! 
When Uncle Steve and Aunt Debbie are in the house, it is always a good time!
We had lots of laughs!
Aunt Debbie and Brielle got acquainted real fast!


(Thanks for the adorable outfit and headband, Grammie and Papa! 
It is sooooo cute and fits her perfectly!)
 Aunt Debbie LOVES babies, and they love her!
Speaking of lovin' on babies . . .
Aunt Debbie was anxious to share some cute videos and pictures of their first grandson!
And we enjoyed seeing little Troy so much!  
Soon, the whole family was gathered around!
We were also so very happy that Richie and Lydia could spend the day with us!!
We LOVE it!!!
And we love their little lambs too, that came along for the day . . .  
 so they could be fed! : -)
Aren't they cute?
 And last but not least,
a little visit out to the farm animals! : -)


Lydia said...

What a wonderful day that was yesterday!!! It was such a special blessing to visit with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve. I am so thankful for the fun time we had with them, even though it was short!

Lunch was exceptional (loved the mexican rice!) and the carrot cake that you sent home with us...well...mine didn't make it out of the car alive lol

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Lydia,
It sure was a wonderful day getting to visit with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve! And It was soooo awesome to share this special time with you and Richie, and your little lambs, too! : -) Thanks so much for spending the day with us!

So glad you enjoyed the lunch, and the carrot cake! : -) That was a good rice recipe! We got a good chuckle out of the cake "not making it out of the car alive!" ;-)

Love you more than all the cakes ever made and enjoyed!

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