Friday, February 7, 2014

Such Excitement in the Air!

We all woke to the beauty of this winter wonderland  . . . .
 The boys were sooooooo excited! 
After scarfing down some warm oatmeal,
and getting all bundled up,
they headed straight for school their laboratory work. 
Yes, indeed, they DID learn a lot,
out in the "field" doing scientific experiments and such.
Like . . .what happens when you've finally packed down the powdery snow with your sled,
and you get going really fast and hit a tree?
What part of your body will take the hit, and how bad will the result be? 
Then, we began our first-aid studies. : -)   
(No worries, no bones broken or need for stitches, thankfully.)  
Can you see the GIANT snow angel?

Others of the family aren't exactly as excited as the boys.
There seems to be some debate going on over in the comments section on Kyle's blog about this very thing . 
(A little unfortunate for Kyle that there is a photographer milling about,
capturing who is doing what in the snow!  ;-)

 It's cccccolllllld out here!
Hard to tell, but we think we got about three inches or so.
There was a lot of wind last night,
so lots of snow swirling around and drifting off in other places.


Meemom said...

Sure looks pretty. At least we get to enjoy the pictures. Love, Meemom

Jordan Strang said...

"... Like . . .what happens when you've finally packed down the powdery snow with your sled,
and you get going really fast and hit a tree?"

Yep!!! Newton's first law in action!

"An object in motion will continue in motion will continue in motion till it is acted upon by an outside force."

Kyle Bowes said...

Yep! Perfect example, huh Jordan? Of course, not all lessons are particularly painless . . .

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