Monday, January 20, 2014

A Month in Review!

When we last left off here on the family blog, just before Christmas,
we were anxiously anticipating the arrival of many of our loved ones;
and looking very forward to
all the fun we would have together!
And here we all are . . . 
(everyone but the photographer. : -)
Below are just a few of the photos taken during the month! 
On Sunday, the 22nd,
Timmy won this Bible at church for a
Scripture memorization challenge from our pastor!
Way to go, Timmy!
Lovin' lots of homemade goodies!
 Cinnamon rolls in the making . . .

Lots of Kodak moments!
 Enjoying time with Aunt Kelley!
 Having lots of fun playing in the packages!
 Pretty sisters on Christmas morning!
 Soooooo enjoyed having Richie and Lydia with us for many of the days!
Christmas feast! 
Lovin' the excitement of opening one present on Christmas Eve!
Enjoying our warm and cozy hats lovingly made for us by Lydia! 
What a blast we had playing "Reverse Charades"!
It is one of the best gifts we've received!
Thanks, Aunt Kelley!

 Practicing our "Virginia Reel" dance with McKenna! : -)
 There were many scrabble games and tournaments!

 And I think we tackled and finished FIVE 750 - 1000 piece puzzles!!! 
More gaming . . .
We enjoyed lots of yummy popcorn thanks to Richie's new popcorn maker!
Lydia has a wonderful way of making delicious homemade kettle corn!

 Getting ready for a trip to the snow!!!

 Celebrating Daddy's birthday!
The boys enjoyed throwing confetti on him!
(They also made and dropped confetti at midnight on New Year's Eve!)
Daddy enjoyed receiving pictures from Joe on his birthday!
 We had fun going to the Tevis farm to see their new cows and rabbits . . .

 while Victoria and Caroline did some hoof trimming. 
And then we enjoyed watching the Seahawks playoff game with the all of the Tevises,
and Aunt Kelley over at Meemom and PapaBob's house!
 Well, there ya have it!
A little summary of our month!
There's lots more memories made and photos taken,
but that's probably enough for now!  


Bethany said...

I'm glad to see all the Bowes are back!!!! :D

Fun pictures! That Reverse Charades looked liked a blast. :)

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Bethany!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. We love hearing from you!!

Indeed, Reverse Charades is so much fun! Wish we lived closer so we could play it with you all! :-)

Thanks again for the note!
Mrs. Bowes

Lydia said...

Such great pictures and fun times! I'm so glad that you documented all of those days with photos. I just love the "Kodak Moment" ones...dropping confetti on Daddy for his birthday...trimming the horse's hooves...playing reverse charades....and everything in between! That group pic at Plaza Jalisco sure turned out good too!
Love you all!

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Dear Daughter!
Thanks for the note! Soooo thankful that most of the sweet memories made were with you and Richie!! We love being with you two! You make our times together extra special and FUN!

Love you two sooo much!

Anonymous said...

We loved looking at all the wonderful family pics. You all looked so happy and having such fun enjoying each other.

Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much, Mom and Dad aka. Grammie and Papa, for your note! So glad you're enjoying the photos/blog.

The game you gave us, "Name Five", was also one of our favorites we played lots of! It is a ton of fun, too! And of course, your delicious popcorn cakes and amazing fudge were a big hit, greatly savored, and didn't last long!!! And oh how blessed we are to have Papa's secret chocolate malt shake recipe and all the right fixins and utensils. (Don't worry, we won't tell anyone that we possess this treasure!! It's our little secret.;-) Of course, the shakes will never taste quite as good without Papa's special touch! Thanks again for sending us such wonderful things!! : -)

We look forward to making more special memories with you again before too long!

Love you,
Robyn, for all of us!

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