Monday, January 27, 2014

A Lovely Weekend!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful the past few days!
It's been dry, sunny and even warm!
Very unusual for January!
So we've been trying to be outside as much as possible.
And going for a walk or horse/bike ride to the nearby pond is a fun family outing for us!


Beautiful scenery on the other side of the pond.
(Mt. Rainier)

The boys even had a hankering to try some fishing! 
(But the fishies weren't so sure it was time to come out of hibernation!)

 This fella decided to join our parade! 
 Well, that is until his owner saw him and decided that wasn't such a good idea.
So Ted helped corral him back to where he belonged. 
 We also had a lovely visit with some new friends we first met back at the homeschool picnic in September.  It was fun to have these two families out to our house!
Thanks so much L. and B. families for making the drive out here,
and spending the evening with us! 
We had a great time!




Lydia said...

Those are adorable pictures of Benjamin with Gracie! And that was so funny how the Jolly's cow was out in the road. I'm glad you took your camera along to photograph the event :-) Glad you all had such a fun time of fellowship with friends! That was a lot of people all in one house!
Love you all!

The Bowes Family said...

Dear Lydia,
Thanks for the note! Yes, I know you can relate to how happy it makes us when we remember to bring our cameras along with us. It seems there's always something interesting in all of God's wonderful creation to capture in pictures!

Love you!!

Bethany said...

I see some familiar faces in there (well, besides all of yours! ;) ). :)

I'm looking forward to seeing you all in two weeks at the conference!

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Bethany!
Yes, indeed, lots of familiar faces to you all. Wish you all lived closer so we could have you all over as well!! We'd really love to play "Reverse Charades" with your family! : -)

We're looking forward to seeing you all again soon though at the conf.!

Lots of love,
Mrs. Bowes

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