Friday, November 8, 2013

Tea Time with a Terrific Twosome!

Yesterday, all of us girls were very blessed by an  invitation to a birthday "Tea"
with our most wonderful friend and pastor's wife, Linda;
and our other very special friend, Linda! : -)  
They are two of the most delightful and FUN ladies we know,
so we had such a sweet time of fellowship together!  
 Everything was so special!
They even "assigned" a certain pictured glass to each of us,
that represented each of us girls in some way.
How sweet and thoughtful is that?!!!   
 And we enjoyed some very delicious tea, cocoa, colorful fruits and veggies,
and a very yummy ice-cream cake!

 The cake read,
"Happy 17th C. V. V."  : -)
 Linda C.  made some very special cards from her beautiful flower photos
in all "their" colors. 
Another super sweet and thoughtful blessing!
We talked about the Lord and His goodness and faithfulness,
told stories,
shared our heart's desires,
and LAUGHED . . .a lot!
They showered us with love, encouragement and such thoughtfulness.
What a wonderful afternoon we had together!
Words can't express how much these
two special ladies mean to us!!
God has blessed us beyond measure
with their friendship and fellowship!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
Thank you, soooooooooooo much Linda and Linda! : -)  


AZDonna said...

What fun! All you ladies look so lovely.

Eden said...

Sweet pictures! :)

Meemom said...

What a fun looking tea party. Great way to celebrate the birthday girls. Love, Meemom

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