Friday, November 15, 2013

Quadruple the Fun ~ Part 5

Happy Birthday, Caroline Joy! 
We thank God for you,
we praise Him for all the JOY you bring into our lives!
Your beautiful music is surely one of the many ways you brighten our days!
Thanks for always playing for us! 
(Timmy made this sign for Caroline while she
was away at her piano lessons! : -)

You are such a blessing to all of us!!!
We love you soooo much!

 We love watching you grow into such
a sweet, Godly young lady,
and seeing all the good things
the Lord has planned for you unfold!

Strawberry crepes for breakfast!
"Chicken Acapulco"
(Chicken stuffed with Monterrey Jack cheese and green chilies)
and green bean casserole for dinner!  
Chocolate pecan pie for dessert!

We pray your coming  year will be full
of new blessings
as you seek and serve the Lord with
all your heart, mind and soul!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In honor of her birthday,
we asked Caroline to play for us a couple of our favorite songs from her repertoire.  : -)
She kindly obliged . . . enjoy!  


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Caroline!!! Out of all the girl quadruplets I have actually memorized your name with the right name to the right face. :) So enjoyed getting to meet you all!

~Shiloh :)

Meemom said...

Loved your songs Caroline. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday celebration. Cannot wait to see you all soon. Love, Meemom

AZDonna said...

Happy birthday! You gave US the gift, though, with those beautiful piano pieces. I especially loved the second one, with each hand playing slightly conflicting yet complimentary notes, and each phrase more surprising, haunting, and lovely than the last. Thank you, Caroline!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shiloh for your comment! Yes, I am usually the easiest "Quad" girl for people to get my name straight with my face. Poor Victoria and Valerie are still getting switched all of the time. :)

It has been so nice getting to know you and your sweet family also!

Meemom: Thanks so much! I am glad you liked them. Can't wait to you will be here, too! Just 34 more days...not that anyone is counting. :)

Donna: Thank you so much! I am so glad that you enjoyed Christofori's Dream so much! It is definitely my favorite slower piece that I have learned. :)I love how it slowly builds up in intensity and then ends quieter.

Lots of Love,

Lydia said...

Wow!!!! Such beautiful music, Caroline! Loved seeing all of the cute pictures, and I ALWAYS enjoy hearing and watching you play.
Love you so very much!

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