Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 SVCC Christmas Talent Program!

Last Sunday night was the Christmas Talent Program at our church! This is always such a fun time of gathering as a church family to worship Jesus, the King of Kings! Every year is a little bit different, and so there are always wonderful surprises and blessings to be found! Since our family has the privilege of facilitating this event, we invited our good friend Evan to participate with us. He blessed our church family with some amazing prelude piano music before the program started, and again just before the second half started up after the intermission. Caroline also had a blast playing two duets with him! But before all this, we just had to play a little friendly prank on Evan!  (His sister, Elanee and Victoria came up with this brilliant idea! : -)  Victoria printed one program just for Evan that showed Evan playing a solo every other performance.  It looked like this . . . (notice Evan's name every other "act" and all the various songs that he was scheduled to play! : -)

And now for a sampling of the two duets that Caroline and Evan played. They were so fun for them to play! And we so enjoyed listening to them! This first one is just a little bit of the "Sleigh Ride" that I caught during their practice time before the program. Since I had a wee one in my lap during the performance, the taping then didn't go real well! : -)  
 Kyle put together his annual Christmas quiz that he presents in between each "act." He has the two sides of the church "compete" to see which side can answer the most questions correctly! Kyle's Christmas Quiz has come to be greatly anticipated each year and is always a big hit!  
 And lastly, a couple still pictures of Caroline and Evan playing/posing! 


Ted and Karen said...

Fantastic! Loved the Duets! And really love the people. Caroline and Evan play very well together. Hmmmmmm Thank you for sharing. Grammie and Papa

Gracie Smith said...

Those are great pictures and videos!! I love the prank you played on Evan, nice job!!


Evan Smythe said...

Haha!!! Thanks Mrs. Bowes for posting those videos and photos. That was SO funny how you all pulled my leg about the program. lol 😁😆 I still won't forget that super funny moment. I must say, be on the look out for a comeback sometime. Jk 😂You all were so kind to ask me to participate in your churches talent night. I really enjoyed the opportunity of playing prelude music as well as the two duets with Caroline. Such fun times and special memories! ;) Thank you SO much for capturing those moments on video. That was kind of you!

Last night, my family and I sat down and looked at some of your photos on your blog and watched those movies of Caroline and myself. But, I just wanted to say a special thank you for being so faithful to post a post on your blog after various events. That's some amazing dedication time! 😊 We all greatly enjoying seeing your posts. Thanks for doing that!


DanielPHolman said...

Great to see those pics and videos! Evan and Caroline, your playing was beautiful and the expression that you both put into the music synced very well. Hope to hear you both in person sometime soon, so be ready when your spontaneity is called upon. ;)

Evan, you could have at least played along and *acted* worried when reading that program... I do pity those who would be legitimately flustered by such a challenge and would say they have it coming to them!

Evan Smythe said...

Haha! Daniel, I don't know about the spontaneous duet piano playing as of yet. :) I don't play that well when it comes to spontaneous playing. ;)

Haha!!! Yeah, my Quick thinking side was majorly lacking at that moment. Wait, when do I ever quickly think? lol I totally was NOT expecting it, so it threw me for a BIG loop. I completely thought it wasn't a joke at first because I ready to play the piano minutes later. Such a joke I will never forget! Thanks man! lol 😂

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