Friday, November 11, 2016

So Thankful for Awesome Friends!!!

Thank you, Lord, for such awesome friends!
We were sooooo thrilled to have so many wonderful friends join us for a quadruplet birthday celebration last Saturday!  They blessed us immensely with their joyful presence,
and all the fun they brought us!
Thank you, precious friends!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The quads decided to rent our local community center at the last minute, as solid rain was forecast for the whole day!  It made for such a great place to have a large group and be able to still be active and do so much indoors. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
After lunch, Daddy gave a very sweet message about what blessings Kyle, Caroline, Valerie and Victoria have been to us and how much joy they bring to us as they love and serve God and others wholeheartedly.  We are just so thankful to the Lord for His work in their lives, and that He has good plans for them to be arrows sent out for His good Kingdom purposes. 
Then, he allowed time for any/all who wanted to pray for God's blessings and calling upon them.
It was very much of a blessing!
Thanks so much for this dear friends! 
What a gift!  
 (On a side note, I just can't express how much this awesome husband and Dad to our 12 (including Richie) means to me!
He is amazing, and I'm just so very thankful for him!
I love him so much and more every day, as I see him love us all in all our various stages of life,
and in soooo many ways!  He really is amazing!)
 So, when we went to rent the community center,
the kind lady asked us if there would be alcohol at the party.
We said, "Oh no, it is not that kind of party!  It is just a cake and ice-cream party!"
And little did we know, we would be playing duck-duck-goose too!
(Thanks to Daddy!  He started it!)

 So very thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Smythe!
They are some of the most awesome, fun parents we know,
and we love them soooooo much!
Sooooo glad and thankful that they were at the party!

 Then, we got around to doing the original activity of singing . . . "Down By the Banks . . " clapping game!

 And then, of course, we just HAD to play Reverse Charades . . .our favorite game!
And our friends were such great sports about it!
Thank you for all the great laughs everyone!
(My apologies to our dear friends if it seems like I'm picking on some of you with more pictures of you posted here!  It is just that some of you were just more hilarious, entertaining animated!  And it just made for some extra fun pictures!  : -)


 And then, after a wonderful lasagna dinner that Valerie made for everyone,
we finally got around to having that cake and ice-cream!
Thank you again to our very wonderful friends!
We are so grateful for you making the drive, and making the day soooo special!!!
We love you all so much and thank God always for you!


Evan Smythe said...

Happy birthday again quads! 😊

Oh man... That was such a blast!!! Such GREAT memory maker photos. :) Thank you SO much for being able to take them for us Mrs. Bowes (and others). You all did such a remarkable job putting it together, and making it feel so homey. I'm ever so grateful you all invited us, and we were able to make it. Thank you so much for such a fun and awesome weekend. 😊 And yes, I think we all were lively and hilarious to take photos of. But, you always have to have a clown at a party. lol 😊

I greatly enjoyed the parents being there as well. I especially enjoyed the fun spirit Mr. Bowes adds to the celebration. It really wouldn't be the same without you guys. It's SO awesome!!!

Thank you again Mrs. Bowes for posting these photos. 😊


Caroline Bowes said...

Oh my most amazing, sweet, joyful, beautiful, Godly, wise, sweet, kind, compassionate, selfless Mommy! This post was SO sweet to read of all your gratefulness and encouragement for and to us kids, Daddy and our friends!! There's just one thing missing and that is how blessed we all are by YOU and your impact on our lives as your family and friends. You are SO full of the Spirit of the Lord, and the fruits of joy, love and kindness are so evident as you live each day serving the Lord by serving others. I don't say it often enough how grateful I am for you and your close care and friendship towards us kids, for how you have set an example of a gentle and quiet spirit in the Lord through your marriage, parenting, teaching, cooking, cleaning and running the household in all it's many and challenging ways. It's such a blessing to me to see the example you have set for me, and I can only pray that the Lord will work that Christ-likeness that you have in me one day when I am a wife and mother, Lord willing. :)

So here's a BIG thank-YOU for all that you are and the impact you have had on all souls the Lord has brought into your life. We all are SO blessed be YOU!!!

Thank you again so much for this post! It was SO awesome to play duck-duck-goose at a 20th birthday party! :) So sweet of all of our amazing friends to include everyone... even the littles in the fun and activities! Thank you so much dear friends! You all mean SO much to us and I thank the Lord for you all. :-)

Victoria Bowes said...

Yes, we are so, so, so blessed to have such awesome friends/brothers and sisters in Christ! You all made that day so fun and special.... thank you!!

Those photos are all awesome! I'm so glad somebody took a whole bunch of you, Mom, as you did your amazing reverse charades acting out! Love those ones. :)

I thank God for each of you!

Meemom said...

Enjoyed the pictures, but I could not help trying to guess what everyone was acting out. Did not have much luck at that. Sorry I missed out on that celebration as it sure looked like a fun time. So nice to have it documented by your wonderful mother. Love you all, Meemom

Taylor Smith said...

Oh man that was such a blast!! Thank you guys for inviting us to be a part of a special time in your lives! Thanks for all the pictures! It's so fun to go back and see the good times we had....

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