Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our 27th Wedding Anniversary!

We've had such a wonderful anniversary celebration!  This year, we did something a little different, and instead of going away for the weekend, we decided to celebrate in various ways here at home.  For starters, Valerie wanted to treat us to our favorite breakfast!  She rose extra early Friday morning, and can you believe it . . . .she made egg mc muffins; from scratch waffles, with fresh blueberry topping; and homemade biscuits and gravy!  She also made me a vanilla latte! : -)
We exchanged cards and little gifts . . . Ted gave me the beautiful bouquet of flowers pictured above and some chocolate kisses, and I gave him his beloved Tim's Jalepeno chips!  We also considered our recent sofa purchase as part of our anniversary gift to each other! (We decided that the 33 year-old sectional sofa that had been kindly handed down to us (in great shape at the time) by my parents about 18 years ago was finally due for a replacement! ;-)
Then, for dinner, Caroline wanted to make one of our favorite dinners . . . a yummy vegetable stir fry with rice (with two different sauces to choose from!), along with some of Costco’s “Japanese Style Crispy Chicken.”  And to top it all off, Caroline made a most decadent double layer chocolate cake for dessert!  Oh my!  And a very special thanks to Victoria for her labor of love . . . cheerfully washing all the pots, pans and dishes for all of this cooking and eating, keeping the kitchen tidy all day!  : -)  Thank you sooooooo much sweet daughters! 
Then, today, we went out for breakfast and spent a couple hours just being together and doing a little shopping.  Ted wanted to get a couple pretty red climbing rose bushes for the front yard and even planted them when we returned home!    
It's been an awesome couple of days celebrating the blessed 27 years that the Lord has given us together, and we're looking forward to what the Lord has for us in the next 27 years!  : -)
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