Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lydia's Newest Adventure!

The day is finally here!

We went and picked up Lydia's new pets!

Honey bees!

Lydia has been dreaming about

and researching honey bees for a long time now.

She has wanted them primarily to help pollinate her vegetable garden,

but she would also like to one day harvest some honey!

She ordered her boxes and bees through a local supplier,

and fellow homeschooling family.
Today is the day Lydia has waited for a long time to get here!
She has truly put her all into this project,
even financing it with her own funds!

First step was spraying the bees with sugar water.

This helps calm them down : -) !

Next, Lydia removed the bee food in a can,

for their exit to their new home.

In the next photo, Lydia is holding the cage that the queen was shipped in

(that is also covered with worker bees).

She places the queen in the box, then shakes everyone else out,

and puts all the pieces of the box back together again.

But before putting the queen in,

she removed the cork stopper that holds the queen in her cage,

and replaces it with a marshmellow!

The worker bees will eat the marshmellow to free her from the cage.

(If she was released immediately, she might fly away!)

Last steps on the second box, and Lydia is an official bee keeper!

(Did you notice how in the last few photos she put her bee hat and gloves on? : -)


LEE said...

Wow!!! An official bee keeper. Lydia, another one of you dreams has come true.
Way to go young lady.
I noticed there were bees on you official bee keeping hat. Maybe that is why you started wearing it.
Very brave holding the queen bee case covered with bees.
Love you

Heather said...

AMAZING! You are one awesome girl Lydia. When you do harvest some honey I want some! I had real honey a few months ago and was shocked at the difference from what I get in my little bear from the grocery store. It's really nothing like it at all. I am so proud of you!

Lots of love,
Aunt Heather

quadgranny said...

These pictures were very interesting.

Lydia, you are such an acomplisher
and very brave too. We are very proud of all your accomplishments
including this one. Hope those little bees pollunate as they are supposed to. Will be anxious to taste that honey too.

It may be Mossyrock, but you sure don't let any moss grow under your feet. Love you, Meemom

Kelley said...

Hiya Dear Lydia!

How's the bee business? Are they performing their duties for you? Have you collected any honey yet?

I'm so amazed and impressed with your adventurous and entreprneural spirit. (I know that's spelled wrongly) lol...

I love you!
Aunt Kelley

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