Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Surprise Today!

Missy, our second chocolate lab, was bred in December,
but she never really looked pregnant,
so we figured it didn't take this time.
Today, we were surprised to find out she actually was pregnant . . . with three pups!

Also, on the farm, we've had a few more lambs born . . . for a sub-total of five so far!
Below are some current photos of our yellow lab's nine puppies.
They will be three weeks old on Wednesday!
Three of them are sold already!


LEE said...

With so many young ones you all are going to need an extra ranchhand.

I wishI could apply for the job.
Love you all,

quadgranny said...

Very very cute. Hard to not get too attached I am sure.

Sounds like the yellow labs will go fast since you have already sold two. You all must be quite busy!!!!

Thwe pictures are adorable. Good photography!!! Love, Meemom

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