Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!

We laughed at this scene because Ted is in Seattle this week. What is so funny about that, you ask? Well, we have this family history of things going wrong when Daddy is away. We can pretty much count on it like clockwork. As soon as he leaves, something is bound to happen. This time, it is a really, really, really flat tire the night before our music lesson day.
A few other amusing things about it is that is on the the van we are trying to sell right now:), as our new-old van is at the mechanics AGAIN! It's kind of a funny picture, don't you think! The other thing that brings a smile to our face about this, is that is happened in the safety of our carport . . . not stranding us all on the side of the road somewhere. Thank you Lord!


quadgranny said...

Very thankful you were not stranded. Maybe you should keep two vans. Teeehee!!

Love you, Meemom

Kelley said...

So are you saying that you can't change that tire? :)

I'm so glad that if it was going to go flat that it sat right there to do it! It could have blown out and have really caused problems.

Maybe Ted should make a big cutout of himself to leave behind when he has to go out of town. Then nothing would go wrong...don't you think?

Love you all!!!

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