Monday, November 16, 2009

"Puppy Love" at Antioch Adoption Auction

On Saturday, our family went to Seattle for Antioch Adoption's annual auction fundraiser event. It was a good opportunity for us to help out, however we could, in raising the funds necessary to continue their ministry of helping foster children find forever homes. The children at "Crossroads Country Ranch":) donated a puppy to be auctioned off! Below are the pictures of that part of the auction.
On the right, standing with her husband, is our Antioch Adoptions caseworker. She and her husband have a yellow lab puppy, and would like to add a second labrador sometime soon (preferably in a year from now). The bidding got off to a slow start, so they jumped in to help it get going! It got to a point where they almost won the bid!
But in the end, a very nice dad and mom, of three kids who are very anxious for a puppy, got the winning bid. You can barely see the mom holding up her number right under the puppy picture. It was very exciting!


Kelley said...

Yay! What a great donation! That's awesome! What a neat story!

Love you all bunches!
Aunt Kelley

quadgranny said...

That must have been exciting and a little scary at the same time. The puppies are so cute, you would expect the bidding to go very fast and very high. That was neat for the Bowes clan to donate a puppy for the cause.

Love you all so much, Meemom

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