Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

A neighbor of ours just brought us 54 pounds of venison that they hunted and processed themselves. All of it is ground, and some has been seasoned for sausage. The night they brought it to us, we had some of the sausage with eggs for dinner. Last night we had some as taco meat for a taco salad. It cooks up very easily and it is not very greasy. We feel very blessed by this, as if we purchased 54 pounds of ground beef, it might cost us around $135.00! To help thank them for their kindness, the girls baked them a pumpkin apple loaf of sweet bread and took it to them with a thank you note signed by each of us. I think they enjoyed it, as she has asked for the recipe!

Today, they have invited us to cut down a Christmas tree off of their property. We have never done this before, so we are excited! Another special blessing! I'll post pictures of this soon!

Here, I think Danny might be dreaming of some of that venison!

1 comment:

quadgranny said...

Danny looks awfully hungry with his sad eyes. But one look at his body tells me he has not missed too many meals.

Cutting down a Christmas tree sounds like a fun adventure!!!

Can hardly wait for Christmas so I can be there with you!!! Love, Meemom

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