Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Morning

Good morning, dear ones. Hope this finds you all having a good morning. Here's what it looks like here this morning . . . .

Kyle, Valerie, and Victoria are fishing at the Pond. Just got a call on the walkie-talkie that they caught two more catfish!
The "littles" are playing with their Geo-trax train.
Lydia is making applesauce from all the apples we picked at our sweet neighbor's house.
Ted and Caroline are still in Seattle, but Lord willing, will be home tonight, and will be warmly received by their loving welcoming committee and a fresh blackberry pie:)

1 comment:

quadgranny said...

Looks like everyone is happy as can be. The scenery is beautiful. The fishin' is good. The train-playing is good. The eatin'" is good. What more could you want??? ( a safe trip for Ted and Caroline) an A piece of that pie!!!

Love you all more than all the catfish whiskers in the world, Meemom

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