Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet Caroline Playing "Pirates of the Caribbean"!!!

Please pardon the not-so-good video quality!
It truly sounds even more amazing in person! :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What We've Been Up To!

Our days are wonderfully full of life around here,
in many ways!
We have been particularly busy taking care
of God's newest creations!
Valerie is keeping quite busy with her Aussie pups!
Caroline and Victoria are super busy
with their many baby goats!
I think they are up to 10!
This little guy is another bottle kid,
enjoying the comforts of the house!

Our household is also actively involved 
as a training ground for the M.B.S.
(Mice Bomb Squad)
Evidently, the mice come to our house
and quickly learn
how to cleanly lick off the peanut butter
from every kind of trap known to man,
without getting trapped.
However, this new recruit wasn't so lucky . . .
Unfortunately, brave Caroline
wasn't so lucky either this particular night! 
What you see in the next picture is probably 
most girls' worst nightmare!
While chasing down the mouse
(notice the broom as part of the arsenal)
the mouse ran up her jeans!  Yikes!
(She has it trapped where her hands are!)
This scene quickly drew the attention of the whole family,
and became quite entertaining! ; -)
Caroline, along with her faithful sister Victoria,
kept her composure, and together, they were able to capture the mouse, and give it some swimming lessons in the little pool right behind Caroline! : -)   
But overall, we think the mice
are out-smarting us most of the time. 
And even mocking us!
Just yesterday, after my routine check of all the traps,
I left for an early morning trip to town. 
After the 30 mile or so drive,
my first stop was to get gas. 
As I waited in the van for the tank to fill,
I had the pleasure of watching a little mouse
right in front of me, on the outside (thankfully)
of our windshield, run back and forth, back and forth.
I was just sure he planned this ride-along for some
"trash talking" (so-to-speak) to
 his number one enemy!  ;-)
In other news . . .
Timmy, Joe and Ben have decided that they can probably retire from their night duty guarding their little princess of "wails."  I think they figure her very healthy set of lungs is plenty sufficient to ward off . . . just about anyone. ;-)
Meanwhile, I am thoroughly enjoying every single minute
 taking care of the most precious little bundle of joy. 
She is just so delightful! 
I still feel like I'm dreaming!
And I'm also enjoying the other lovely things
popping up all around us!

Spring has sprung, and it is always so beautiful!
(We're ignoring the snow that is falling this morning! ;-)
You'll also find the boys sporting their baseball caps,
and practicing their skills whenever possible,
for the baseball season that starts tomorrow!
Woo hoo!
And just yesterday,
while Daddy, Richie and Kyle were away at a men's retreat,
Timmy, Joe and Lydia : -)
enjoyed decorating some eggs!
Here, Lydia is demonstrating her new-found talent! ;-)
And Kyle, is one busy author,
getting his first book ready for publishing,
and designing his new blog and website!
You might want to check it out!
And sustaining this crazy-fun life,
is one hard-working, fun-loving Daddy!
He works so hard to provide for us all,
and plays hard with us
in every other moment he is not working!

 And above all,
we praise our Father
from whom ALL blessings flow,
and because 
"In Him we live
and move and have our being."

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sons and Daughters

A flower for each of our daughters!
We sure are enjoying seeing pink
in the house again . . .
and dressing Lil Em in all sorts of girly things.
She is just so adorable we can hardly stand it!
But at the same time,
we sure enjoy our boys!
They bring us so much joy!
(Night watchman hard at work again last night.) 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's Post Brought to You by the Letter "M" and the Number "2"

We had a memorableMonday celebrating 24 years of marriage! The 2 of us (with the addition of our marvelous gift) started the day with McDonald’s for breakfast, where I enjoyed 2 Egg McMuffins! :-)


Then, we had a magnificent day together as a family, and sure enjoyed having these 2 merry married ones join us for pictures and a meaty hamburger dinner!
In other news . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . The additional 2 feet added to our house, are now 2 weeks old!
Two mighty night watchman, have faithfully slept downstairs to guard the new Princess.
Two sisters have had 2 sets of twin goat kids.  And also have twins left from a triplet birth (sold one already!)
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