Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blessed Family Life!

Last night while doing the dinner dishes, I was smiling to myself and praising the Lord as I was listening to all the sweet sounds around me.  Daddy and Kyle were sitting in the living room, Bibles in hand, discussing deep theological doctrines.  Valerie and Caroline were sitting in the middle of the floor giggling, with Benny and Brielle happily running around them squealing, "duck, duck, duck."  And Victoria, Timmy and Joe were having sweet little discussions as they played "Sorry!" at the table.  I thought to myself . . . what a wonderfully blessed, abundant life!  Thank you so much, Lord!

Now. . . . if we could just find the giant salamander that escaped from its container on the kitchen counter last night . . . before it dies . . . life would be especially sweet! :-)
Image result for northwestern brown salamander
Where, oh where, could she be?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Beautiful Day!

  Today was another beautiful, warm, sunny day!!
Since the little ones didn't sleep well last night and woke with sore throats, runny noses and coughs,
we decided to not have our usual Sunday afternoon home group gathering at our house,
for fear of spreading the sick germs. 
That was unfortunate, but, it was good in that it gave us the chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine! 
And I decided to try out our new camera! 
 After a couple games of volleyball, the big kids moved on to frisbee football.

We thought we should add this funny picture of what goes on behind the camera before the "perfect" shot! 
(Don't worry, though it may appear so, 
no animals were truly harmed 
in the making of this picture!)

Hitting the volleyball around in a circle.

My primary subject is always on the move!!

 A couple pictures for Meemom and PapaBob at their house.

 Taken from our back porch this afternoon!
 And best yet, a big thanks to Valerie and Victoria for making banana cream and lemon meringue pie
to end the day! 
Woo hoo!

This picture was actually taken early yesterday morning, when Kyle took the boys fishing!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Very Special Gift

"Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above,
 coming down from the Father . . . "
James 1:17a
Last week, we had a very special thing happen to us,
straight from the Father's hand, no doubt!  
While Brielle and I were shopping in Goodwill,
a very sweet lady in her eighties "chased" us down and got our attention.
She began to tell us a little story that went something like this. . . .
"My husband is sitting in our car right outside the front door in the parking lot,
and he saw you two walk in to the store.
He asked me to find you and ask if your baby girl would like to have a special quilt,
handmade by some ladies in our church. 
My husband and I do not have any grandchildren or great-grandchildren that are babies,
so my husband buys the quilts from the ladies at church,
and seeks to find little ones that might be blessed to have them."  
So she took me out to where her husband was,
and sure enough, he was sitting in the driver's side of their car holding the quilt visibly in his lap.
As we approached, he grinned from ear to ear,
and could hardly wait to hand us the beautiful quilt.
As I received it, and began admiring its fabrics and quality,
I couldn't believe it when I turned it over and saw the fabric on the back!
Black Scottie dogs!  
How perfect and seemingly "personalized" for Brielle,
since "puppies" are her favorite thing in life right now!
This sure brought big smiles to OUR faces!!!
 The extra special thing about this gift from these sweet "angels,"
was that it was 3 days before her 2nd birthday!
It was if they knew!!!  But no, they were strangers and didn't have any idea!
But our Heavenly Father knew!
How blessed this made us feel,
sensing our Father's love for her, and desire to bless Brielle with this special gift!
As I shared with this couple,
Brielle's special story,
and that her birthday was in just a couple days,
I think that they felt just as blessed,
sensing God's providential leading and mission accomplished! 
Thank you, Father,
for this super special gift, and ALL the ways you remind us of your love and care for us! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day at the Capitol!

Today, these three . . .
 are taking these eight homemade apple pies . . .
to this  . . . .
For more information on the Washington Home Educator's Day at the Capitol,
click here !
Praying for a very fruitful time!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brielle's 2nd Birthday Celebration!

 Modeling her pretty party dress. ;-)
Since the birthday girl was born on Valentine's Day,
the decorations are always easy!
Awww,  how sweet! The birthday girl is "helping" decorate!
She looks so proud of herself!
(Actually, I think she thought it was time to un-decorate. :-(
She pulled these streamers down just after Victoria had spent a good bit of time putting them all up!)

 The guests starting arriving to the breakfast party around 8:30.
"Adopted" Grandpa Jerke
 We love fixing breakfast!
We did have the Daddy of the birthday girl in mind,
when we made blueberry muffins!!!
And biscuits and gravy!
 The guests gather in the kitchen while the food is almost finished cooking!  

 The birthday girl loves her dog, Anna.
She is always hugging her . . . like this . . . .
 Just before eating,
Daddy gave a little devotional from Psalm 118:23-29.
This passage has been super special to us
from the day the Lord blessed us with such a "Marvelous" gift in Brielle Jubilee!
 So thankful for all the family and friends that were able to join us in this celebration!

  Sweet sisters!!!!

 A few of the presents . . . .
each one special and perfect for her!
Thank you all!

Brielle loves books,
and she was given this very adorable board book we hadn't seen before!
Love it! 
She received all kinds of adorable clothes, boots, jammies and accessories!
Just perfect for her!
She LOVES these things!

 Too cute!!!
Timmy, Joe and Ben went in on the baby-in-the-back-pack gift!
 Biggest brother, Kyle,
treated the birthday girl to her favorite treat . . .Cheetos!
 She was very willing to share them,
even with her new baby!

Thanks to these thoughtful family friends bringing a children's saddle with them to the party . . .
Brielle had a wonderful birthday ride on Gracie!
Timmy and Joe worked hard to prepare a bunch of confetti, balloons and even paper airplanes to fly from the loft as the party's grand finale! 
Another one of the birthday girl's favorite things to do . . . 

What a super special day,
for a super special Sweetheart!
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