Wednesday, January 27, 2010

But Wait! What About the REST of our Trip?

Yes, indeed. When I last left off reporting on our trip, we were still in Solvang, CA.
And no, as nice as it was, we didn't decide to stay there:-)!
We eventually got back on the road toward home!
And these are the photos of the things we saw on the REST of our trip!

I never knew that there was a place called Weed.
Very creative name huh?

Can't imagine why they would call this place "Weed."
Sights in San Francisco

The cutest restaurant owner I've ever seen.
It smelled really good in this area. . .or really bad if you're Mommy.

Here we are at the famous Lombard Street.

Believe it or not, we walked ALL THE WAY down Lombard street.
(Just kidding, it wasn't that far:-)

This was a cool picture that I took out of the camper window:-)

Timmy and I are wondering. . . why is it called the "Golden" Gate Bridge,
when it's RED?

It's a long way down.

Another great group picture:-)

Victoria looks cold!

Kinda a self-explanatory photo here.

For the record, there used to be more birds on that blue car.
I would seriously not want to own that one:-)

Unbelievable. Mommy's two favorite places right next to each other.

She said "McDonald's for breakfast, chocolate for lunch and dinner."
(That's a real quote you know:-)
Alcatraz Island is where they used to keep the bad guys.
Now it's just a tourist attraction.

This is pretty cool. It's a real WWII U.S. sub!

Joe has quite a few interesting facial expressions.

Kyle trying to feed the ducks. (Or so Joe-Joe calls them.)

That ship says "Itala" on the side.
We were speculating that it is carrying some spaghetti, pizza, and meatballs:-)

This was the most interesting art I saw all day.
How would you like to have these hanging in your dining room?
:-) :-) :-) :-)

Yum! Sourdough bread!

We bought a 1 lb loaf.

I don't think Caroline and Daddy were ready for this picture:-)

The sunrise from our hotel room was beautiful.
(By the way the camper in the lower corner is ours:-)

Here Kyle is trying to make friends with the ducks again. :-)

I love this one. The reflection in the water is lovely.

Our hotel was right beside the airport and there were tons of planes coming in.

Here Joe is pointing to an airplane:-)
The boys absolutely loved watching them come in.

Welcome to Oregon!

Well, that's it folks! Hope you enjoyed everything!
Love you all!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First day out

Here is the new buckling we named Victory out of his kidding pen for the first time. He was born outside but it was dark so he never really saw what it looked like.:) Faith and him are both doing great and Victory is getting bigger every day!
Here he is looking cute. :)

Victory was stretching here. :)

Victory wasn't that sure what to do with himself. :)

Faith is a very good protective mother and is always checking to make sure he is okay.

Victory is a very curious little guy. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Babies have started arriving!!!!

Faith had a single buckling January 21st!! He is the cutest thing ever!

Caroline and I(Victoria) went to check on Faith at 6 Thursday morning and she had had him already. :) They were standing outside in the dark looking at us like nothing ever happened. :) He could walk already and was totally dry so Faith must have had him around 2 or 3.

Faith is being a great mom and the buckling is doing good as well. :)

We took this picture this morning. :)

Isn't he CUTE!!!

He is less then 12 hours old here. :)

What To Do When . . .

. . . . Your Truck Breaks-Down in Solvang, California!
Come along with us and find out!
Solvang is a quaint little Danish town.
We thoroughly enjoyed walking around, looking at all the interesting sights.
This is the flag of Denmark.

Solvang which is Danish for "sunny field" is a beautiful little city nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley of California. It was founded in 1911 by a small group of Danish teachers who migrated there to avoid the harsh midwestern winters.

Well, there's us!

Two little boys in a shoe!

This is the view from the stairs up to a windmill.

This tower dung?...dang?...dinged?...donged?...every hour:-)

I tried to pronouce most of these names...

I still can't:-)
More signs with wierd words.

This one looks like or reminds me of rag muffins:-) Don't ask me why:-)

There were 2 windmills that we saw here in Solvang.

There was a cool little store that sold cross-stitch patterns.
There were hundreds of cross-stitches on the walls.
Mommy's favorite store was a little Christmas shop.

Well, maybe her second favorite. She probably liked the chocolate one better.
We just had to do some shopping!!!!!
Us in front of the chocolate shop with some chocolate.

Timmy is a Danish Knight :-)
Joe-Joe got a firetruck!

The Danish knight struggles to fight with the giant.

This is a little park that was right behind the hotel.
Down there you can see Mommy, Victoria and Caroline.

There was no one around so I couldn't help myself.
Probably was a bad example for the boys:-)

Oh how sweet.

More wars.

Everyone was taking a nap so Kyle and I did an
experiment to see if it really is true that
if you put two phone book pages together the friction will
prevent you from pulling them apart.
It took us a good 15 minutes and we proved the theory true:-)
Pretty dumb, but that's what you do when you're bored.

The boys loved swimming in the hotel pool.
Well I love flowers...and there were lots of them around Solvang,
so here's a ton of pictures of them:-)
Roses are my favorite.

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